SUNMATE - Flowers Ambience: A vibrant and radiant arrangement of flowers that exude the sultriness and adventure of summer love.This is a unique ROMANTIC collection of bunches that all together form a beautiful and sophisticated 81 stems flowers composition of  Freesias yellow, Garden Roses guava, Hydrangeas mini green, Hypericum ivory, Ranunculus carmain, Ranunculus yellow, Roses pink.

Some of the flowers on this collection brings specific meanings. Alstroemeria also known as Peruvian Lily, bears resemblance to a miniature lily, and are a symbol of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Freesias orange symbolize trust and innocence passion. Garden Roses guava conveys a sense of playfulness and represents a non-threatening, sensual energy. Hydrangeas mini green symbolize an emotive boastfulness gratitude. Hypericum ("St John's wort") is native to parts of Europe and Asia and is derived from Greek “hyper” meaning above and “eikon” meaning picture. Proteas white symbolizes change and transformation, diversity and courage across cultures. Ranunculus symbolize radiant charm, neatness, humility, childishness, ingratitude and unfaithful behavior. Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. Pink Roses symbolize admiration, dignity, elegance, sympathy and happiness. Pink roses carry a connotation of grace, sweetness and poetic romance.