SUNKISSED - Flowers Ambience: A budding ambiance of colors that through a vibrant flower arrangement resembles the gentle touch of the morning rays of light in a misty flower garden.This is a unique INTIMATE collection of bunches that all together form a beautiful and sophisticated 73 stems flowers composition of Kangaroo Paw Burgundy, Callas Lilies Orange Love, Orchids Cymbidium yellow, and Roses Red Burgundy.

Some of the flowers on this collection brings specific meanings. Anthurium it is a warm flower that inspires happiness and abundance, with its open, heart-shaped flowers and tropical disposition, no wonder have come to symbolize hospitality; and in red symbolize courage, respect, constancy and desire. Calla Lilies meaning is purity, holiness, and faithfulness, and in red have meanings of vibrant, passionate and demanding to be noticed. Yellow Orchids is synonymous with joy and new beginnings. Roses fire red it’s used for congratulations or gratitude, and symbolizes beauty, passion, desire, and romantic love. The red rose was originally associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.