RAVISHING - Flowers Ambience: A rare attractive set of wild flowers that create a delightful ambiance of colorful beauty that promotes all forms of dazzling beauty.   This is a unique PARADISIAC collection of bunches that all together form a beautiful and sophisticated 57 stems flowers composition of Aspidistra Elatior green, Heliconia Psittacorum yellow, Protea Pincushion red, Orchids cymbidium green, and Roses orange.

Some of the flowers used on this collection brings specific meanings. Aspidistra elatior, commonly called cast iron plant for its ability to survive significant cultural abuse, is native to China and Japan. Heliconias flowers, discovered in 1786, a Greek root helikonios, from heliconia derives. better known as the lobster claw, and signify great returns, originates from South America and southern islands in the Pacific Ocean. Leucadendrons symbolize passion, love of beauty. Orchids represents love, luxury, beauty and strength; in ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility. Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm, desire, express admiration, attraction, a message of passion and excitement.