INSPIRING - Flowers Ambience: A collection of flowers intended to exalt the spirit through a cheerful and stimulating color pallet that will arouse creativity of the mind. This is a unique UNWIND collection of bunches that all together form a beautiful and sophisticated 86 stems flowers composition of Dusty miller Silver, Hydrangeas Blue, Hydrangeas white, Roses white, and Silver Brunias.

Some of the used flowers on this collection brings specific meanings. Dusty Miller plant create a magical bouquet that conjures the winter spirit. Hydrangeas communicate heartfelt emotion from joy to grief and symbolize Radiance and apology, many believe are originated from Japan. Hydrangeas white symbolize sympathy reverence, radiance, vanity, heavenly thoughts. White Roses symbolize innocence, chastity, and purity. Silver Brunias means knobby bush and symbolizes chivalrous.