DELICIOUS - Flowers Ambience: An inviting assortment of aphrodisiac flowers with an intriguing and intimate set of colors promoting passionate feelings and delicious ideas. This is a unique PARADISIAC collection of bunches that all together form a beautiful and sophisticated 60 stems flowers composition of Alpinia purpurata Pink, Anthuriums orange, Aspidistra Elatior green, Heliconias orange Golden torch, Zingiber - beehive ginger green, and Zingiber - beehive ginger Red copper.

Some of the used flowers on this collection brings specific meanings. Alpinia purpurata Pink are native Malaysian plants, in spanish: ginger o jengibre. Anthuriums symbolize hospitality, a warm flower that inspires happiness and abundance. Aspidistra elatior, commonly called cast iron plant for its ability to survive significant cultural abuse, is native to China and Japan. Heliconias orange GOLDEN torch ('Maya Gold') native from Mexico and Brazil, is a tall, thick flower, with long, orangey-yellow spikes called bracts alternating up the stem. Zingiber - beehive ginger means “shaped like a horn” (common name "beehive ginger") native to Peninsular Malaysia and Peninsular Thailand, originally from a Sanskrit word that means "shaped like a horn" and refers to the horn-shaped leaves of most species of ginger.