YINGABELL is a set of flower bouquets compose of White light Green Lilies, Red Roses and Green Hypericums totaling 36 stems of holiday beauty.

Since the mid-15th century, Christmas flower Bouquets are a great gift for your beloved, carried on this great holiday as a symbol of life and light, goodwill, unity and a friendly welcome. Christmas flower Bouquets are rooted in symbolism and supported by legend with magical powers, capturing meanings in each of the colors that assembly from white for Purity, Innocence & Peace, Red for the Blood of Christ, Green for Everlasting or Eternal Life, Gold or Silver for The Star of Bethlehem, and Blue for The Virgin Mary. These floral wreaths suit the theme of the holiday season and festive occasion.

Length: 19.6" (50 cm) - 23.5" (60 cm)