Honoring the USA Arms Forces, Ambience Flower offers 3 themes that are the cornerstone of AMERICA, the PATRIOT, INDEPENDENCE and LIBERTY bouquets.

The LIBERTY BOUQUET is compose of beautiful Mini Callas White, Mini Callas Blue, Sweetheart Roses Red and Blue, Hypericum Red and Eucalyptus Green.

Accompany us in celebrating everyday the bravery, loyalty and honor of these group of men and women that make America Great and makes us feel safe everyday.

Length: 19.6" (50 cm)

Note: 1) Each box comes with 3 separate bouquets 1 Patriot, 1 LIberty & 1 Independence of 15 stems each, totaling 45 stems. 2) Delivery will be in 7 business days counting the day of purchase due to their special colors.