BIRTHDAY FOREVER - Flowers Ambience: An atmosphere of upbeat and joyful flowers that through a chipper and festive set of colors celebrates the special day of an individual. This is a unique CELEBRATION collection of bunches that all together form a beautiful and sophisticated 80 stems flowers composition of Hydrangeas white, Ruscus green, Tulip fuchsia, Tulip light pink, Tulip orange, Tulip purple, and Tulip yellow.

Some of the flowers on this collection brings specific meanings... Hydrangeas white symbolize sympathy reverence, radiance, vanity, heavenly thoughts. Ruscus green thoughtfulness. The Tulip itself represents a romantic charming, the right relationship, elegance and grace. Fuchsia gets its name from 16th-century German botanist Leonhard Fuchs. Light Pink Tulip represents happiness, good wishes., that you care, and that you feel an attachment to someone. The Tulip itself represents elegance and grace. Orange is the color of happiness in the tulip world, and associated with fascination, energy, enthusiasm and desire. Orange Tulips are also used to represent a mutual connection and understanding between two people, mostly couples. The Tulip itself represents elegance and grace. Purple Tulips are strongly associated with Royalty and nobility and also symbolize a type of rebirth. Yellow Tulips represents cheerful thoughts, friendship, full of energy, enthusiasm and desire.