CUPCAKE is a set of flower bouquets compose of unique Pink Rose Lily, Purple Rose, Purple Liatris, Purple Snapdragon y Greens Ruscus and Schefflera totaling 36 stems.

This is a special bouquet with a Unique Pink Rose Lily that shines and two beautiful flowers like the Purple Rose accentuating the Lily and Classic Purple Snapdragon giving touches of wild.

Ambience Flowers has package in each box 2 Bouquets, 1 of 24 stems and 1 of 12 stems so you can either be splendid and give both to a special one to re-create a CUPCAKE atmosphere or give one and keep the other to be connected not only in gesture but in like two sweet cupcakes. 

Length: 19.6" (50 cm)

Note: Flower vase not included only to better show the opened and bloomed bouquet.